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There’s nothing elegant or chic about plastic trash.  Recycling and replacing plastic bags with reusables is chic . . . it’s the new chic. “Single use” plastic bags and bottles are just so yesterday!”

The Bagnesia reusable reminder kit contains  the best reminder tools to use when switching from plastic bags to reusables bags.

You may find reusable bags at a lesser price . . . but there’s only one complete reminder kit!

Each kit contains five reminder items including a very large bag that folds down and can easily be put in a purse or pocketbook.  Hands down, the best item in the kit is the steering wheel wrap with the words “grab your bags.”


The donation price of $20 includes shipping &  handling for the first 50 donations this month.

For each reusable kit that you purchase to help Ocean Keepers, Bagnesia will give you a FREE reusable produce bag. In order to receive your free produce bag you must use the words Ocean Keepers when ordering your kit.



Because getting the message out about the impact of our plastic usage on the environment takes time and money.  It isn’t enough to discuss this among ourselves.

A friend of mine used to say, “talk is cheap and it takes money to buy whiskey.”  Developing an organization like Ocean Keepers takes financial support.

Action is needed and so is funding for Ocean Keepers.

We are working together with Bagnesia to get the message out.  One of the hardest things about trying to use less plastic is remembering to bring reusable bags every time you shop.

For a donation of $20 you will receive a reminder kit, Oceans Keepers will receive a part of the proceeds, and the environment will have to deal with less plastic!  We all win.

Become part of the solution. If you cannot afford to make a donation of $20 for the reminder kit, we understand . . . donations of $5 or $10 will be greatly appreciated.

Be part of something greater than yourself!

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