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Smart Plastic Products

October 20, 2009

Occasionally I am asked if I am against all uses of plastic or if I think all plastic should be banned.  Of course not, the answer is no.

There are real and legitimate uses of plastic.  The problem is that unless plastics are reused and/or recycled they last forever.  As has been pointed out here on more than occasion, every piece of plastic that has ever been produced and hasn’t been recycled,  still exists!  Unless that plastic milk  jug you brought home is disposed of properly, it will likely last longer than the pyramids in Egypt!

Let’s use plastic materials to replace wood products in homes, for decks, fences, to build furniture, to manufacture flooring; there is an endless list of methods and material uses of the substance.  Just don’t use plastic for once ‘n done “single use” plastic bags, for toss away water bottles, clam shells to take donuts home that can easily put in a paper bag or box.

That having been said, I recently I came across a product that is clever in concept, cost effective, and has a legitimate use.  It’s called Bagster in a Bag made by Waste Management Services.

I came across the product when we were faced with all the flooding in Georgia and I thought this is a product with immediate value.

If you have ever had to rent a big dumpster you already know what a pain it is and how costly it can be.   The fact is, there are some jobs that are too small for a big dumpster and too big for your already existing trash containers. Bagster addresses both of these concerns and can be purchased at your local home improvement store for $29.95.  You don’t have to wait for a scheduled delivery or pickup and you can load up to 3,300 pounds of  your household junk, construction debris, or yard waste. The Bagster is said to have the strength of a steel dumpster at a fraction of the rental cost.

There is a fee to pick up the Bagster and you can fill multiple Bagsters and have them picked up at the same time. The Bagster is made out of plastic woven product similar to tarps.  There are filling do’s and don’ts … you can’t put your old refrigerator or toxic materials inside for collection, but if you have a small to medium size job that you want to tackle today, this is a plastic product you may want to consider.

WMS has a wonderful website full of information worth your review … check it out.  This company does more than talk about being green.

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  1. Cross permalink
    December 14, 2009 12:33 am

    I think that we should cut down on the use of plastic and go back to using glass. When we recycle plastic, we can only do it a few times plus it cost a lot of money. If we start using more glass, which can be reused infinity amount of times, we can save money and put less toxins in the atmosphere.

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