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June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8th 2009, was World Ocean Day.  Few in the MSM noticed.  Weren’t all these guys eco-friendly advocates just a few weeks ago?

It seems talk is cheap.  Big name media corporations, like Universal’s NBC & MSNBC, tied themselves to Earth Day recently.  They were shouting to the world, “See how green we are?”  To which I answer, “no you are not green! ”

Your on air personalities over at MSNBC’s Morning Joe continue to drink out of plastic containers while on the air!  This is green?  Come on, who are you kidding?  Not Me.

This is a  powerful and cogent video on plastic pollution just released to coincide with World Ocean Day.  The first 45 seconds lay it squarely on the line.

I find it impossible to believe that after looking at these pictures anyone would want to continue using plastic bags or bottles indiscriminately. Sorry for the mini rant.  I keep thinking about the astronomical numbers of bags and bottles that have been produced, just in the last hour.

That having been said, please click on the Ocean Keepers tab and consider purchasing your very own reusable reminder kit.  Part of the money will go to Ocean Keepers on-going effortto get the message out.

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