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May 23, 2009


We live in a throw away society and the consequences for our environment are devastating. We are mindlessly trashing the oceans, as we use plastic products that are toxic to our systems and toxic to the environment.

Collectively we throw copious amounts of recyclable trash every day.  It’s not just plastic bags . . .   it’s cell phones, computers and electronics . . . and I’ve just scratched the surface.

This is a ecological disaster that most people are blissfully ignorant about.  Sorry for the emotionally charged words, but it is a disaster … one that can be addressed if not completely eliminated. Once your consciousness has been raised, it is impossible to walk away.

If you think this isn’t a world wide problem, think again.  This is from an excellent article recently written by teenager,Sophia A., Medford, NJ., :

An estimated 100,000 marine animals perished last year as a result of litter in our oceans. Our demand for convenience and general lack of concern for our world’s plight are disturbing and destructive.

With space in landfills rapidly diminishing and oceans continually being clogged with endless amounts of garbage, it is obvious we need to do something. Did you know that the problem is so acute off the coast of Africa that an industry exists in which natives harvest plastic bags and weave them into hats and shawls? (Hello! people in poor countries are weaving our plastic trash into hats & shawls! emphasis mine.) They collect an average of 30,000 bags a month.

The enormous environmental fingerprint left by our natural resource consumption could be significantly reduced if we would simply reuse.

If you say you care about the environment, the oceans, the air that we breathe etc.  it’s time for you to take action.  YOU can help.  YOU can make a difference.  What can you do?

  1. Support this blog.  Go to the Ocean Keepers page and consider donating and getting your own reusables kit. Let Bagnesia know you are supporting Ocean Keepers.
  2. Stop using plastic bags.  Now that you know the magnitude of the probem, there’s is no reason to continue using them any more.
  3. Forward this information to people you know.
  4. Talking green is one thing, living green is something else.

Consider this.  Every time you refuse to use a plastic bag, every time you bring you own bags when you shop at a grocery store, department store, home improvement store, pharmacy etc, you are helping to change the world one plastic bag at a time!

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